We make wines that are passionately Virginian.

All of our wines are ready for immediate consumption, but many reward age with increased complexity. Classic and elegant, but always approachable, we produce balanced wines that express our distinctly Virginian soil and climate.


When you visit Early Mountain Vineyards

When you visit Early Mountain Vineyards you’ll probably notice some things you don’t see at other vineyards. Nectarine, apple, plum, and pear orchards. Lush and diverse gardens. You may spot rare local flowers, or glimpse sheep grazing next to the vines. But the striking scenery is not just for show. As stewards of this historic property, we are committed to preserving this bountiful ecosystem.


Everywhere you look at Early Mountain Vineyards you’ll see our commitment to biodiversity and sustainable farming, a commitment reflected in our vibrant and distinctive wines. Having learned from wine pioneers in Virginia and around the world, we know that practical organic and biodynamic methods, such as limiting our use of sprays and pesticides, help preserve the natural balance of the vineyards’ ecosystem and yield healthy and expressive grapes.

Once the grapes have achieved ripeness, we do all of our harvesting by hand. In the cellar, our cutting-edge facilities allow us to use gentle gravity rather than machines to handle the grapes. 



Throughout the winemaking process we prefer to intervene as little as possible in order to encourage this beautiful place to speak through our grapes, to let each variety tell a part of the story.  And we want to  to share this story with you. Learning to appreciate the profound relation between soil, climate, and grape is essential to appreciating wine, and we hope that you will come taste, look, and discover with us.