With wine, place makes all the difference.

Grapes are unique in the way that they transparently express the subtle differences in soil and climate, known as terroir. Virginia enjoys unique terroir, as varied and generous as any wine region in the world. Each Early Mountain Vineyards bottling tells a different part of the story of this privileged land.


Following his service at Valley Forge, Revolutionary War hero Lt. Joseph Early retired to his Madison farm. One summer evening, he received word that two weary travelers were in need of quarter, having been rebuffed in their prior inquiries. Without knowing their identities, Lt. Early welcomed them warmly into his home. Lt. Early soon discovered that his guest was his old friend General George Washington. Washington never forgot the Earlys’ hospitality, and he returned on multiple occasions. Lt. Joseph Early’s homesite was located on this land, and it is in the spirit of his hospitality that we welcome you to Early Mountain Vineyards.

Our Vineyards




Earth & Vine

Our ideal vineyard site benefits from a cooling mountain breeze, and is shielded from much of the rain and extreme weather of locations even just a few miles away. The grapes are also affected by the varied microclimates and

temperatures within the vineyard,the slopes of the hills, the different Virginia red clay and quartz soils, and their relative exposure to the sun. Each of our wines is meant to capture a different aspect of this place.